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Cessna 337 Download
Here is v4.0 of my Cessna 337 Skymaster panel for Flight Simulator. The original design I did for this
panel was back in FS98, then an update for FS2002 and a small one for FS2004. This update comes complete
with new XML gauges that fix a few mistakes I made back in early FS2004 when I did the last update.


This modification below will add the Static Virtual Cockpit as well as Prop Animation in 2D mode. This is to be
used with Mike Stone's Cessna 337 aircraft only


VC cockpit mod for the Cessna 337

.zip (Size: 269.43 KB / Downloads: 7)

Click here to download the Cessna 337 panel

.zip (Size: 2.54 MB / Downloads: 11)

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