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CRJ Panel update
Made some great progress on the CRJ panel over the weekend. The main panel is pretty much done just testing things out. The new Center pedestal area is done except for the audio panel area and a few of the switches and knobs. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll have it done.
Howdy David!

Looking forward to seeing this one! Thanks for chugging along on these.

A little peak of the panel

Another update of the CRJ panel with final gauges in place and testing out HUD display

Thanks, its getting really close to release. Just flight testing things out and finishing up the Overhead panel.
A short update on the panel(s)...

Taking a bit more time on this, I now have a 200 series panel and a 700, 900, 1000 series panel. Not much difference so far some small things on the EICAS gauge and overhead panels are different for each one.

Hope to get done shortly just testing out the changes. The overhead panel on each setup is 1/4 working with lighting and de-icing switches. I'll continue to work on the overhead panels once they are released (or I may never let them go due to continuous changes.. lol)

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