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Next release of panels
Question, I have the Lear 35-200 the CRJ 200, 700, 900, 1000 and the Challenger 604 panel pretty much done. Just doing some final testing they can release early next week.

Documentation is not done and not sure I can get it all done by Friday the 13th when I leave on vacation for 17 days with all the stuff still have to do to get ready to leave.

So, we can do the following -

1. We can play a new game called find out how the panel works on your own until documentation is done after I get back from vacation and you can fly your hearts out

2. I don't release the panels and wait till documentation is done which means sometime in June..

Thoughts on this?
Or release them here at first, kinda like a beta version, and then the final versions with the docs on Flightsim. Either way works for me too. I can wait if needed. Smile

Thanks in advance for whatever you decide to do.

Yea I was going to just release here and then when I get back do docs and release on the websites. I think I might just do that.
Ok Folks,

I have added the Challenger 604, CRJ 200 series and 700, 900, 1000 series and the Learjet 35-200 series panel for download.

No instructions, information, documents, etc etc etc. I'll complete all that and the fixes I need to do when I get back from vacation after June 1st.

Please list anything that stands out as an issue, I'll work on it when I get back. Enjoy and have fun flying!
Just updated the Lear 35 panel to include the missing gauges that are not showing up. if you have downloaded the panel do a new download and those gauges will show up. Thanks
Thanks David! Challenger looks great, still playing with it, but no issues so far!
Enjoy your time off


one last teaser before I sign off.. 

Metroliner III update

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