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Metroliner Download
This is version 3.0 of my Metronliner panel for FS2004. This is an all new release with all new panel bitmaps, engine bitmaps and .xml gauges.

This download comes with several options depending on the aircraft your using and are noted below.

1. If using the Jon Murchison cargo or medflight aircraft then the panel will be the P&W Engines, Collins avionics and you will be able to install the correct views for either cargo or medflight. These aircraft is based on a jet engine .air file

2. If using the Craig Ritchie DJC aircraft then the panel will be the Garret Engines, Bendix/King avionics and the views will be passenger. These aircraft are based on the Kingair 350 .air turboprop model

P&W panel with Collins avionics

Garret panel with Bendix/King avionics

Download panel here

.zip (Size: 6.54 MB / Downloads: 0)

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