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No updates at the moment
Busy with finishing up my sUAS remote pilot add-on certificate and working on my final solos and studying to complete my Glider add-on for my Pilot Certificate so haven't been at the computer much lately. I expect this scenario to continue through at least mid November right now.

I did pass my sUAS testing, just waiting till next week to meet with Examiner and get my certificate.
So starting to catch back up, I have passed both my sUAS remote pilot test and passed my Glider check ride on 11/14. Just waiting on the hard copy of the license's to show up from the FAA now.

Hopefully next week during Thanksgiving week we'll start releasing some updated panels that are about finished.

Piper Arrow panels (2)
Updated Jetstream 31 panel
New Jetstream 41 panel
Updated Lear 35
Congrats David!

Looking forward to your 717 panel!

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